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#truetune is SA Tuning neatly tucked into your glove box, ready to be used when you want to.

#truetune is the culmination of years of tuning and software development by SA Tuning for the modern engine control system. In simple terms, #truetune will enable you to apply a SA Tuning remap to your car at home, work, or anywhere in the world, using our custom developed software for your car. You do not need experience or knowledge of how to tune a car. #truetune and SA Tuning do all the hard work for you.

It is the perfect companion for car lovers that find it difficult to visit us due to distance and time constraints in the busy modern world we live in. It combines cutting edge technology with the simplicity of a modern smart phone! Intuitive, versatile and user friendly.

We are an active and respected tuning company in the UK with a UK telephone number and UK premises. We are are available to hold your hand through the process and offer advice on all aspects of tuning your car with #truetune. We can even remotely control your computer to help with making the #truetune setup as easy as possible (by appointment). 

#truetune is so advanced it can even read and write the software of brand new ECU’s on the market, that many other companies simply cannot even tune, let alone read and write the software safely, unlike SA Tuning and #truetune! 

#truetune is at the pinnacle of personal remapping tools, and will continue to develop as new ECUs and protocols come onto the market.

For more info on engine ECU Remapping please visit

Why choose #truetune?

#truetune is a personal OBD remapping and tuning tool specially developed by SA Tuning. It enables you to have our tuning software on your car whenever and wherever you want it!

#truetune enables you to put your car back to stock software at anytime, before you go to a dealer, sell your car or give it back to the lease company. #truetune is the only tool you need for your driving life and all your future cars, fully configurable remotely as many times as needed, for any make and model car, to be read through the OBD port. The original vehicle #truetune was or is being used on must be returned to stock before #truetune can be moved to another vehicle.

#truetune can store up to to 10 different maps for your car. For example: Stage 1, Stage 1 Pops and Bangs, Stage 2, Stage 2 Start Stop Disabled, Stage 2 + with hybrid turbo etc.

#truetune gives you the ability to have fully custom software on your car from SA Tuning, which makes this tool truly unique.

#truetune needs no extra wires or looms under the bonnet (so no dirty hands either) it is fully plug and play with the cars OBD port inside the car.

#truetune can stay in your glove box or in your car ready for whenever you need it.

What is #truetune?

#truetune is the culmination of years of tuning and software development by SA Tuning for the modern engine control system. In simple terms, #truetune will enable you to apply a SA Tuning remap to your car at home, work, or anywhere in the world, using our custom developed software for your car. You do not need experience or knowledge of how to tune a car. #truetune and SA Tuning do all the hard work for you.

You will also be able to return your vehicle completely to stock/original software at any time and anywhere you need to. For example if you are taking your car to the dealership for a service or warranty work, handing your company car back, giving your car back to the lease company, or simply selling your car. #truetune can put the software back on the car that you originally read from the car at the start, meaning the car will be as if it had never been touched. #truetune can then be made ready (remotely) to read the software from your new car, even if it is a completely different make and model.

Simply plug #truetune into your cars OBD port, read your stock software from the ECU, then send it to us. We will develop custom software for your car and send it back to you. You are then able to write it to your cars ECU, through the OBD port, using #truetune. This tool is NOT a one time use only! You can keep #truetune with you for life and it can be used on every new vehicle you get. It can store up to 10 tuning files, so it can grow with your car and and modifications. #truetune can also be re-calibrated remotely by us to read and write to any new car you decide to buy in the future via the OBD port.

#truetune is the only tool for all your tuning needs, for all your cars, now and in the future. The true potential of a vehicle can be unleashed with ECU remapping provided via #truetune. Depending on customer requirements, this could be extracting as much performance as possible, or generating greater fuel efficiency. All our maps are fully custom and are developed in house on our V-Tech DYNO (rolling road). #truetune covers all sectors including automotive, HGV, agricultural and marine applications.

Here at SA Tuning we have seen all types of add on tuning boxes and none have delivered as promised (by the manufacturer) in terms of power gains or drive-ability. We are committed to changing the end user tuning industry for the better, by providing quality of service and software that is unmatched by others.

What is our software and what is available?

We offer all stages of tuning, the most popular and widely requested from us is a Stage 1 Remap, this is the most you will achieve from your car with stock/ original manufacturer components still in place. Our Stage 1 Remaps are designed to be safe and work within all manufacture tolerances. At SA Tuning we use the very latest equipment.

Our software is developed on our Hitech dynamometer to ensure accuracy in terms of both power delivery and also to ensure that fueling, boost pressures and exhaust gas temperatures (where applicable) are all within tolerance. We pride ourselves on our ability to achieve maximum power whilst maintaining optimum reliability.

How do I send and recieve my #truetune files?

Once you have purchased a #truetune you will be granted access your very own #truetune private portal, from there you will be able to:

  • upload and down load files for you #truetune
  • See all files you have sent and received
  • be able to message us directly through the portal for example for a change of vehicle what mods you need for stage 2 etc…
  • see how many credits you have remaining and you can purchase more.
Add-ons available

You can also have add-ons when you purchase a #truetune. The first tuning file for your #truetune is included (10 SA Tuning credits).

If you would like something extra with your tune you can choose from any of add-ons from the list below and add them to your purchase now or at a later date all add-ons cost 10 SA tuning credits equal to £120 inc VAT.

In addition to this they can be purchased separately and added to your #truetune at a later date. For example if you would like a Pop and Bang/Crackle over run map on your existing Stage 1 Remap with #truetune, we can apply this so you have two files on your #truetune. One file is simply the Stage 1 and the second file is the Stage 1 with Pop and bang. You can freely choose which file to have on your car at any time you want and wherever you want, as they will be stored on the #truetune itself. Just plug #truetune in to the OBD port and choose which file you would like to write in to the car.

Add-ons Available:

  • First vehicle file / New vehicle file (eco, stage 1, stage 2 etc…)
  • New file for existing vehicle
  • DPF Delete (DPF filter must be removed from the canister)
  • Ad-blue Delete (where possible)
  • EGR Delete (EGR valve must be blanked)
  • Pop and Bang/Crackle Over Run Map (where possible)
  • Hard-cut Limiters (where possible)
  • Popcorn Limiters (where possible)
  • P- code Delete (where possible)
  • Sports display re calibration for BMWs
  • VAG Group DSG Remaps,
  • Speed Limiter Removal (where possible)
  • O2 off/Lambda Delete (where possible)
  • Swirl Flap Delete
Experience and Service

We have tuned over 10,000 vehicles over the years. As industry experts we often troubleshoot for and advise other tuning companies. Sometimes we correct mistakes for them too. We offer a level of customer service that we are very proud of. We treat your car like it was our own and give it the same care and attention to detail. Our team has a genuine passion for tuning, being some of the best in the industry. The initial purchase of a #truetune includes one tuning file with any combination of add-ons.

SA Tuning Credits

SA Tuning Credits can be bought in values of 1, 10 , 50 or 100, with these credits you can purchase the add-ons available for the #truetune, you can buy as many or as little as you need, they will stay in your account and you can save them up over time by purchasing 1 or a couple at a time when ever you can so you can get the add on you want.

Credits can be used throughout the SA Tuning Shop and can be used to purchase aftermarket parts that well sell for you car.

You can Purchase credits here

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