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Boost Cooler Stage 2 MAF TFSI (Copy)

£600.00£900.00 (Including 20% VAT)

This kit features an optimized hardware package specifically for VAG 2.0T FSI vehicles.

This system utilizes a special controller that is designed to read the unique digital MAF sensor output signal.

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Horsepower of your Car

According to the horsepower of your turbo-/supercharged car, we┬┤ll configure the right parts for your Boost Cooler kit. For V-Engines resp. for engines with two separated intakes, you have to install 2 nozzles (1 each for each intake).

Boost Cooler Reservoir Size

Each Kit comes with a 3l reservoir. For a better range and comfort, we recommend having at least the 9.5l reservoir kit for your Boost Cooler Kit.


Additional information

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