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Autotuner OBD and Bench tricore Remapping tool

£2,875.20 (Including 20% VAT)

The Autotuner ECU Remapping tool. Communication to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) is carried out via the OBDII socket or via the specific diagnostic connector.



Autotuner is a universal tool able to read information from most ECUs and micro controllers available on the market in boot tricore Infineon (BSL) or via the OBD diagnostic socket. Autotuner is being constantly improved with new reading protocols. You can freely benefit from it as soon as you start your Autotuner Software. Thanks to the ECU communication optimisation and its Cortex m3 processor, memory content (Dflash Eflash and EEprom) reading is ultra-fast. It then systematically performs a backup of the TriCore password online.


Becoming an Authorised SA Tuning Dealer

We are actively seeking experienced motor-trade professionals to join our global network of professional remapping agents. As an authorised SA Tuning Dealer you will benefit from; increased profits, growth of customer base, improved business image and much more.

How it works

The Autotuner tool is connected to the vehicle’s OBD port and the original ECU map file is copied and stored on to the tool. This map file is then sent to our HQ in Bishop Stortford for modification, you can stipulate the type of modification you require. i.e. Stage 1 or Stage 2 Remap, EGR Delete, DPF Removal, SCR Delete … etc …….
Within 1 hour (normally much less) the modified map file will be complete and ready to download to the New Genius tool, this modified ECU map file is now ready to be programmed back to the vehicle via the OBD port.

Remapping could not be easier; Read – Send – Receive – Write


We offer full training on all supplied equipment, training is carried out at our workshop in Bishop Stortford. All future training is free and ongoing, we also hold training events throughout the year free of charge for our agents.

Technical Support

Good technical support is vital when entering the world of remapping and we believe we offer the very best technical support. We have a dedicated tech support number so you can instantly speak to the engineer who has been working on your map. The tech support team can also be contacted via Email, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. Furthermore we have a Facebook tech support forum where you can discuss technical and general subjects with other  SA Tuning Dealers.

Map Files

High quality and proven map files is the key to running a successful remapping business and obtaining a good reputation within the industry. We will only provide our agents with maps of the highest quality which have been thoroughly tested. Each tuning map file costs £90.00 + VAT. Additional options such as DPF / EGR / SCR / DTC / Flaps OFF etc. are free of charge with each tuning file. £60 + VAT for any combination of Optional Additions on their own.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team who will be ready and willing to help.