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Wagner Tuning

We have been fitting Wagner Tuning products from pretty much the day of SA Tuning’s inception, we used these with most of our race cars from our old race team days and have carried forward our trust in Wagner Tuning products to be able to provide them to you, We use Wagner in our Stage 2 BMW packages as they do exactly what they say the do. The inter-coolers cool by the temperatures quote and fit easily and perfectly into the OEM spaces.

Since 2002 Wagner Tuning have been developing and producing high quality engine parts, such as intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, downpipes and intercooler kits. Recent technology advancements coupled with years of experience ensure optimum performance and highest manufacturing precision for our customers.

These claims were certified in 2013 by TÜV RHEINLAND for the department of “Produktion”(Manufacturing).The KBA certification is a supplement to the quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001 This certification confirms our own in-house standards for our range of products by an official and certified institute.

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