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SA Tuning has a fully equipped 4wd linked Dyno in its own Dyno Cell. This is a chance for you to see exactly what BHP your car is running. A graph is produced after each Dyno run and a copy will be supplied to you. We can also perform before and after Dyno runs when you have a remap with us.

Dyno sessions cost £60 + VAT per session that will consist of five power runs. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.

Some brief information about our dyno

A chassis dynamometer, sometimes referred to as a rolling road, measures power delivered to the surface of the drive roller by the drive wheels. Power and torque using a chassis dyno can be measured in three ways – inertial measurement (during acceleration), measurement in load mode (during acceleration) and measurement with a balance of forces (braked).

To obtain an inertial measurement, a car is accelerated to its maximum revs on the dyno, declutched and allowed to slow to a stop naturally on the roller (without using the brake). Therefore, the true losses can be calculated through the drivetrain of the vehicle.

The inertial measurement has the following advantages:

  • It is more accurate

  • It is safer for the engine

  • Excessive cooling methods are not necessary

Our inertia dyno uses new technology, originally intended for laboratory use. The methodology applied is based on TrueForce™, which allows for a smooth measurement of torque. Considering the speed of the force changes on the dyno, the measurement is made in real time and with unbelievable accuracy.

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