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Like most modern diesels, the BMW 116d, 118d, 120d and 123d are all fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). The DPF is designed to filter soot from the exhaust gasses, this soot is held inside the honeycomb structure of the DPF until exhaust gasses reach a high enough temperature to combust the captured soot, this process is called regeneration. Long motorway journeys and aggressive driving will help to increase exhaust gas temps and in return help to keep the DPF in good condition. However, at some point during the life of the vehicle the DPF will become clogged, if the filter has become clogged due to soot saturation and you have caught the clogging in its early stages, a long motorway journey may help to initiate the regeneration process. However, once the DPF saturation level has hit a maximum pre-set value, or the filter has become clogged with ash (produced when soot is combusted), then motorway journeys or a forced regeneration by the main dealer will not help. At this stage a replacement or DPF Removal are the options available.

A blocked DPF will often result in some of the following BMW specific diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) to be generated:

480A Particle filter system
481A Particle filter system
4530 Charge-air pressure control, control deviation
4010 Exhaust backpressure sensor before particulate filter, signal
4D00 Exhaust backpressure sensor, signal
452A Info particulate filter system
4166 Particulate filter system
4CF3 Exhaust backpressure sensor, signal

The Removal Process:

First we physically remove the troublesome filter. We only remove the internal core, the outer DPF chamber is left in place along with all sensors. Therefore, the vehicle will still appear to have a DPF fitted and the vehicle will appear unmodified.

Once the physical removal has been carried out, the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is reprogrammed (remapped) and any DPF related structures removed from the vehicle’s software. This will prevent the vehicle sensing the missing filter and will prevent future DPF regeneration and warning lights. This is the most important aspect of the removal process and it is vital that the ECU is reprogrammed correctly or DPF issues will continue. When carrying out this process we can also remap the ECU for better performance and fuel efficiency, this is normally free of charge with our DPF removal service.

DPF Removal is not only a cost-effective solution but it also boasts the following advantages:

  • Increased performance
  • Increased efficiency (MPG)
  • Less turbo lag
  • Reduced maintenance costs

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* Our DPF Removal service is sold for off-road use only. Removal of a DPF will almost invariably make your vehicle illegal for use on a public road. This is not legal advice and if you are unsure if this applies to your vehicle, please seek further advice.